Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drug Development As We Know It Is Not Sustainable

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I work in clinical research, and I am looking forward to engaging with you around my area of passion -- how we are innovating in drug development at Pfizer.

Some describe pharmaceutical R&D as highly innovative. In practice, much of our innovation happens in research when we are exploring a new target or a new way to impact a disease pathway. Clinical trials are highly regulated with many processes to ensure compliance. There is well-spent energy on operational excellence to do our work the best it can be done. But many do not see opportunities for innovation (either incremental or radical changes).

To continue to develop medicines as we have in the past is simply not sustainable. The time, cost, and complexity of developing new medicines is tremendous. And the strains on the pharmaceutical industry are featured in the business news on a regular basis. If we are going to continue to meet the needs of patients around the world, dug development as we know it has to change.

I have enough topics in my notebook to get us started. Add a comment below (or reach me on Twitter) to let me know the ideas you would like to see covered.

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